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In his interview on T.V channel Donald trump, who is American businessman and also elected as president of United State of America in election of 2016, claims that he is six feet and three inches tall in height. The doctor of Donald trump on his behalf also gave the same statement. He also added that a lobby of some media persons is not ready to give him an inch. On the hand, media some media personalities along with Google are saying that Donald trump along with his doctor has increase an extra inch in his height in the documentation but in reality he is six feet and two inches long how tall is donald trump’s wall going to be.

What is a reality and How tall is Donald trump?

The pictures of Donald trump along with Jeb bush, who also declares that he is six feet and three inches tall, recommend that Donald trump’s claim about an extra inch is wrong because one can clearly see through these pictures that Donald trump is shorter than Jeb bush. These pictures were taken during the election campaign. Similarly, the pictures of Donald trump along with a model that is also six feet and two inches tall proves that he is wrong in his claim.

How tall is Donald trump: president in American history?

What is the purpose of Donald trump behind his claim? Maybe he wants to become the tallest president in the history of United States of America after Abraham Lincoln who was six feet and four inches tall. With that extra inch he does not only create a history by becoming second tallest president of United State of America but he also knows it well that the people have more faith on the candidates and presidents who have tall heights. They believe that tall height is the symbol of bravery and courage.

Presidential history of United States of America also proves that people gave their votes more likely to the candidates with large heights. From 1789 to 2016 59 % candidates won elections that are taller in height while only 41 % people with small height won presidential elections.

Obese-keep him away from announcing his original height:

The reason of claim of an extra inch in his height may be the result of his fear to announce as obese officially.  Although with the height which he is claiming he is only .5 inches short from coming in the category of obese. But still, he will be announced as an overweight person. But with his original weight and height, according to the body mass index, he will be considered as obese brancker.ca.

It is a common thought that people who are lie in the category of obese, may become a victim of some health problems like heart problems and these people cannot remain physically fit. But reality shows that this formula is not applicable to each and every person. There are many people who are overweight and obese but still they are physically fit. So Donald trump should come out of this fear if he thinks it. Or maybe there is some other reason for his claim How tall is Donald trump.

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